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    Dr. Altaf Bhat                                                                              

    Coordinator (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research & Innovations)


    PhD: Laval Cancer Research Center, Laval University, Canada. 

    Post-Doctorate: Harvard Medical School, Harvard University, Boston, USA.     


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    Research Interests:



    Genetic information within the eukaryotic cell nucleus is organized in a highly conserved structural polymer, the chromatin, which supports and controls crucial functions of the genome. The basic unit of chromatin is the nucleosome, which contains DNA that is complexed with small basic proteins called histones. The tight association of these proteins with DNA provides a level of transcription control and contributes to epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation. Our group is focused on understanding the role of epigenetic mechanisms in gene regulation, genome organization, DNA repair and their involvement in cancer/NAFLD/Diabetes. Our interest is fueled by the fact that many of these epigenetic pathways are deregulated in cancer/NAFLD/Diabetes. We use a combination of approaches ranging from molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics, as well as proteomics and functional genomics to understand the precise molecular mechanisms involved in gene regulation, genome organization and in context to cancer/NAFLD/Diabetes.